product liabilityWhen a manufacturer sells a product to the public, the manufacturer warrants to the public that the product is safe and that it will perform as expected. When that product injures someone and fails to perform to the expectations of the public, the manufacturer can be held liable for the damages that are caused by this defective product. A product may be defective because it was designed in such a way as to be unreasonably dangerous to the public, because it was manufactured incorrectly, or because there were inadequate warnings or instructions on how to operate or use the product. The manufacturer, parts supplier, or even the retailer of a particular product may be held responsible for the injuries that are caused due to a defective product that they manufacture, produce, design or sell.

The law reflects the public policy belief that one who sells a product and profits by it, should stand behind it when the product fails and causes injury. Consumers have a right to expect a product they purchase will safely perform as intended. Unfortunately, in the work place an employee is often required to work in and around unsafe equipment or products. If a serious injury occurs, many times the manufacturer who designed, assembled and sold the product is in the best position to insure that its product is safe.