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For more than 25 years, Rodney F. Pillsbury and the Pillsbury Law Firm have counseled people and small businesses for obtaining solutions to their legal issues. Mr. Pillsbury is a trial lawyer first, because being an effective courtroom advocate provides the greatest leverage for successful results. Many clients are referred to him from other lawyers because of his litigation skills and his success for obtaining maximum results.

Rodney Pillsbury has successfully represented clients on a wide variety of matters, including patent litigation, product defects, serious automobile injury, mold contamination, medical malpractice, contract disputes, business dissolutions, shareholder disputes, consumer fraud, insurance bad faith, automobile purchase and repair problems, residential and commercial construction problems, termite infestation problems, premises liability matters, and administrative licensing.

Pillsbury Law Firm emphasizes a direct attorney-client partnership (i.e., you have a real lawyer; not just a TV ad icon).  The focus is upon practical and cost-effective resolutions to the client's problems. The firm establishes realistic goals and timetables from the outset. From the initial meeting forward, if your case is accepted, Pillsbury Law Firm prepares it for trial in a court of law. To be successful there, he utilizes state-of-the-art information management and presentation technology. The firm’s commitment to this infrastructure reflects its commitment to each client - maximizing every advantage available.

Our mission is to achieve the best available results that are customized to each client's goals.

My Philosophy

  • I am a Trial Lawyer First

In our civil judicial system, the courtroom is the one areana where David and Goliath are bound by the same rules on the same playing field. It is not always truly equal or truly fair, but – as a whole – it is the best system I know to resolve civil disputes. Knowing how to effectively try a case is an absolutely critical skill every successful lawyer must have. Because for any civil dispute, the opposing side will only pay as much as it is convinced a jury might award.

Regardless of the type of case you have, my approach in handling your case is the same. Every accepted case is taken under the assumption that it will be tried in Court, even though statistically only a small percentage of cases are tried to a jury verdict.

Some lawyers take cases hoping for a settlement. Those lawyers, and their clients, are doomed (in my opinion). As your attorney, I cannot ‘force’ the other side settle. I can only demonstrate to them the wisdom of doing so. My commitment is to have your case ready for trial, when it is called.

Some lawyer firms take on matters looking for a quick settlement, either because they run a volume practice or because they do not devote the necessary resources to develop your claim to its maximum value. Settlements are most often reached only after hard work -- work that you can see; on terms that you understand and that make sense to you.

  • Your Case; Your Call

Your case is your case. Our job is to prepare it for trial and to make recommendations to you based upon my experience from prior trials in the courtroom. Ultimately the say-so as to whether you wish your case to be tried or resolved without trial is your decision.

  • Pillsbury Law Firm is Not a Volume Practice

Having to get help from an attorney is stressful enough. Feeling like you are a number and that you cannot communicate with your attorney is, in my opinion, an unfortunate evolution of the practice of law in recent decades. My clients are encouraged to make appointments to discuss matters directly with me, to make sure your questions are fully answered and that your concerns are completely addressed.

Any lawyer worth his salt should be able to tell you two things about your case: (1) where are you now and (2) where are you going? While the legal process can be confusing at times, Pillsbury Law Firm emphasizes that our clients understand what we are doing and where we are headed.

  • Realistic Expectations

Disappointment in legal matters often stems from simple miscommunication. From the outset, we strive to insure everyone has realistic expectations about results and the timeframe those results should occur.

  • Cost Effective Representation

All cases are managed with an emphasis on cost effectiveness. What is necessary to prepare your case for trial is not compromised. However, Pillsbury Law Firm does not incur bills and expenses unnecessarily and does not generate work unless it is necessary for the betterment of the case.  My goal is to obtain the highest possible net recovery for you.  Not wasting resources on unnecessary matters helps make this happen.

  • Flexible Fee Arrangements

Every case is unique. If you have a legal problem where my employment is warranted, Pillsbury Law Firm will endeavor to create a fee arrangement that is mutually beneficial. Some matters may be handled on a contingency percentage; some straight hourly; and others can work with hybrids of these two. If you have a case and have no other option to obtain justice, Pillsbury Law Firm will do what he can to make it work for you.

Rodney Pillsbury, Pillsbury Law Firm, LLC