premises liabilityPremises Liability refers to claims that arise from being hurt while on someone else’s property. Often this occurs when a customer is injured while at a business, shopping or as a guest at a motel or hotel. These injuries can including slipping on something on the floor (oil, water, soap or some other item, such as produce or merchandise); falling because of defect in the premises, such as a broken step, a hidden hole or other unseen defect); being struck from falling merchandise that may not have been properly stacked or stored; or being the victim of a violent crime while on the property.

The law for each of these scenarios vastly differs. Insurance companies representing the businesses or stores often will deny these claims contending their insured is not legally liable. The insurance company may be right or it may be wrong. However, the liability hinges upon very specific evidence, which you may or may not know at the time of talking to the insurance adjuster.

Because of this, if you are seriously injured from a premises liability incident, it is important that you consult with an attorney.